Friday, 1 July 2011

Shakespeare's Tetralogy [Feature Films]

In the summer of 2011, the Darkwood team split off into various regions of the country to work on genre-bending feature film adaptations of William Shakespeare's major history plays, produced by the British Youth Film Academy. Watch the trailers for each above.

RICHARD II: Routed deep beneath an ancient English landscape, this spectacular and surreal animated fantasy, breathes vivid new life into Shakespeare’s classic tale of redemption and damnation. Mark S. Wright served as the film's Director of Photography, as well as one of the editors and visual FX artists.

HENRY IV PART 1In a world where promises are few and enemies are many, who will step up when the call comes? With guns, horses and power-struggles, the epic Battle of Shrewsbury is brought to life with a western twist. Produced by Leanne Natalie Jones with sound by David Jenkins.

SELF SAME SKY (HENRY IV PART 2): The moving story of a young Scouse lad who, in a world of hilarious losers and broken promises, befriends a life of petty crime, jeopardises his family's future and is forced to become a man. Co-produced by Inglenook Productions with Lewis Wood and Mark S. Wright serving as camera operators and David Jenkins on production sound.

HENRY V: War and warmongers, truth and reality, enemies and lovers, are all brought vividly to life in this destructively brutal screen adaptation of Henry V, where the lines between fact and fiction are not so black and white. Edited by Co-Director of Photography Lewis Wood with additional editing from Mark S. Wright.