Thursday, 1 July 2010

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare's epic tale of conspiracy, loyalty and betrayal. The world is Rome; the story is now; the brutality is soul-destroyingly real. In a dark world, where people are pushed beyond their limits, you find the rawest and darkest souls. Opinions are as divided as loyalties.

© The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy.

Directed by
Adam Lee Hamilton
John Montegrande

Produced by
Kate Moskal

Directors of Photography
Philip Brown
Stuart Hackshaw

Production Designer
Robin Heap

Ed David Watkins

Production Manager
Leanne Natalie Jones

Head Sound Engineer

The Limelight

The Limelight is a dilapidated nightclub in its final hours – about to close its doors for the last time. It is dark, crumbling and cheap. In one last attempt to revitalise its fortunes, the owners decide to host an under eighteens battle of the bands. While this event is the club’s final hope, for the competitors it is the closest they may ever get to fame – their X Factor moment.

© The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy.

Editing & VFX
Mark S. Wright
Kristina Lyons

Production Designer
Natalie Fern

Sound Designer
David Jenkins