Monday, 22 October 2012

P-oint Magazine features Eurydice [News]

People of Interest (P-oint) Magazine is an online publication designed to provide a voice for those who dedicate their lives to their art as a form of self expression, to create beauty as a gift to all who see it, read it or hear it.

The inagural issue features two articles on the production of Eurydice including interviews with Director & Editor Mark S. Wright and Actor Simon Lyshon. Find them on page 19 and page 23 respectively.

It also features dozens of interesting articles showcasing people with amazing talent and giving them a platform where they can be featured and display their work for others to appreciate.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to dive into the wonderment that is P-oint magazine and give it a read. Get more info at and follow @POINT_Magazine to find out when future issues will be released.

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Monday, 1 October 2012


A silent romantic short film, telling the tale of a young couple's Valentine's Day viewed from the perspective of two teddy bears; Martha and Maverick. The bears are the centrepiece of the couple's Valentine's celebrations until a suspicious text threatens to tear them apart. The two bears are thrown into the middle of a conflict between a couple who, unlike the bears themselves, simply weren't made for each other.

Unbearable was created by Darkwood Films as part of the the 50 Kisses initiative in association with the London Screenwriters Festival and went on to screen at the Staffordshire Film Festival 2013 where it was nominated for the Best UK Filmmaker award. Watch the promo for 50 Kisses below:

Lee Potts
Viviana Poludniak
Directed by
Produced by
Michael Mannion
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Natalie Fern
Associate Producer
Written by
Nick Luddington
Original Music by
Alec Roberts